Monday, February 14, 2011

I sometimes wonder if.....

I will survive getting our 5th child, who is 15, through the teen years. She has already given me too many grey hairs to count. I apparently missed the memo telling parents how hard teenagers can be! I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed working with the baby patterns and themed stuff this last weekend. They are so sweet and innocent at that age :)

I went ahead and made scrapbook pages out of the baby items I had posted pictures of  on Sunday. The boy one is on Ebay now and the girl one goes up on Thursday. I will give you a sneak peek though

Hope everyone has a great and creative week this week!!!


Jani said...

I agree about the teen years. I was an elementary teacher because they are still pretty cute before they go to middle school. lol

PixiesDelight said...

Jani- I applaud anyone who can work with kids! Mine jsut wore me out! LOLOLOLOL

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